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Parent Coaching Case Studies

The names in these stories are fictitious but all the stories are true and written by the parents of the child involved. Parents testimonials accompany each section.

Sleep Issues: Newborn

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ten days old

Baby Clare was the first born on inexperienced parents who desperately needed help with breastfeeding, routine and settling there ten day old baby.

When our first child was born we really had no idea what we were doing.  With my husband and I being the youngest children in our family, we had no experience in looking after younger siblings.  I remember not even being able to change a disposable nappy!

These simple techniques were a tremendous help as they gave us the confidence we needed to parent effectively.  The practical advice given helped me with feeding problems, and the wrapping and settling techniques helped with Clare’s sleep routine.  Generally, I remember thinking how great it was to have our baby in a ‘routine’ so much easier than most of the other babies we knew at the time.

I’d highly recommend the techniques and routine Cradle 2 Kindy taught to any first-time parent or anyone having difficulties adjusting to and coping with a new baby.   Dover Heights, NSW

Ten days old

Emma was also ten days old and was a very poor sleeper.  By the afternoon she was inconsolable. 

My husband and I came out of hospital with our new daughter, Emma, feeling incredibly daunted by our new life as parents.  Looking after a new baby was completely overwhelming.  Emma would not settle at all during the afternoon, and into the night the problems became worse.  This predicament left me in tears daily.  My husband and I were both sleep-deprived and were being given all sorts of advice: pat her, rock her cradle, take her for a long walk in the pram.  We even ventured out in our car for an hour at 3 am one night, with the hope it might send her to sleep - it didn’t!  Nothing worked!

Then we had the good fortune to come across Cradle 2 Kindy and their parenting coach program.

Our coach spent twenty-four hours with our new family - the most life-changing day since Emma was born!  After discussing and observing our routine, it was explained that four-hourly feeding, wrapping and little, if any, comforting to sleep would work well with Emma.   Emma quickly settled into a successful and easy-to-follow routine.  The major focus was on sleep for mum as well as baby.  It was suggested we should do this by giving baby time to settle by herself, allowing her to unwind by crying, waking baby to feed every four hours during the day and mum sleeping at least once during the day while baby was sleeping.  Another key lesson was that a well-fed baby sleeps better than a half-fed baby.   These methods give us the energy and confidence to cope with a newborn. 

Our parenting coach also helped us a little further down the track when Emma was about four-months old - just at the point where our social life was returning.  The problem was that we lacked the knowledge and confidence to drop a night feed and allow Emma to sleep through the night.  After two consecutive nights, during which we reinforced the comforting settling skills we learnt before, Emma no longer woke during the night and now sleeps from around 7 pm until 6.30 am.  We now have the confidence to have more children!

A wealth of information, these parenting skills have left us with good practical guidelines.  I have recommended these methods to my friends and they have been a great hit!   Mosman, NSW

"With our first child we had no idea what we were doing. Our Cradle 2 Kindy coach came and was a tremendous help. All the basics were covered and more giving us the confidence we needed to parent effectively. I remember thinking how great it was to have our baby in a ‘routine’ so much earlier then most of the other babies we knew at the time. I’d highly recommend a parenting coach from Cradle 2 Kindy to any first time parent or anyone having difficulties adjusting to and coping with a new baby". Cremorne, NSW

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