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A Parenting Coach?

As parents, we often look for assistance and
encouragement with parenting.  Cradle 2 Kindy
Parenting Solutions can provide just this. You
have your own personal coach to help guide and
  empower you to become confident parents. Our
 coaches are professionals with a passion to assist
  parents and children by helping to prevent
  problems arising or by bringing changes that promote harmony in the home.

Our Parenting Services

We have a comprehensive range of parenting services for families which cover areas such as newborn care, breastfeeding, routines for baby, sleep and  settling techniques for a crying baby, coping with an unsettled baby, a baby with colic, a baby with reflux, a baby who refuses to drink, a sleep deprived baby, high need baby, sleep deprived parents, children who don't sleep, children with sleep issues and toddler behavioural issues such as tantrums, food refusal, night waking, and unacceptable behaviour.  Our range of services are listed on our menu bar above.

Your Personal Parenting Coach

Children from birth to five years old have benefited from their parents being coached. We are proud of being your baby's advocate, doing what is best for baby and their family. See our Parenting Case Studies to better understand how we can assist you.

We provide individual care in your home PLUS two weeks of follow up phone calls for existing clients.  

A Distressed Parent's Anguish

"We were desperate! There was no one who seemed to understand our problem. Our baby just wouldn't sleep. We tried everything and everyone, and all we seemed to get was 'all babies cry' or 'not every baby needs sleep'. This just did not sit right with us. We knew there must be something more we could do for our baby.

It wasn't till we found a coach from Cradle 2 Kindy that we realised there was something more we could do. And what's more they didn't just brush us off with all the pat answers. We were given practical tips that made sense, and more importantly, brought results. Our suspicions were confirmed, questions answered and problems rectified - all within the first visit. We only wish we had found them sooner."    Jane, NSW

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